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Do you struggle with your child’s BIG emotions that impact your ability to go anywhere?  Do you feel exhausted by having to say ‘no’ to your little one on repeat? Do you wish that your relationship with your young child could be better? You are not alone. Now more than ever, parents are feeling overwhelmed about how to make it through the early childhood years. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that there’s a way to build a better parent-child relationship. We’re here to offer evidence-based therapy services to help parents and their children thrive. We start with an assessment to identify your unique needs and develop a treatment plan to outline how we will meet these goals. We offer a safe place to explore and identify your needs, specific strategies or live coaching, and informative feedback to highlight your strengths and improve your parent-child relationship so you can be the safe and loving leader that you know your child needs.

Safe and loving parent-child relationships is our passion. We guide parents towards enjoying the early childhood years without relinquishing leadership, without power struggles, and without repeating ‘no’. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and we’ll get started together. 

Meet Karena Lee 

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist here to help frustrated or confused families transform their relationships. I am also a former first grade teacher, a mom to two boys, and the founder of Parenting and Playing Inc., an online membership helping caregivers transform their family relationships through play.

The Parenting and Playing Membership 

Are you a parent ready to ENJOY life with your children without relinquishing leadership, without power struggles, and without repeating ‘no’?  The Parenting and Playing Membership is an online platform that teaches therapeutic parenting tools utilizing real life examples, role plays, reviews, and quizzes to solidify your understanding while you enjoy the learning experience to get you started TODAY.